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Shoulder Screws

What are Shoulder Screws?

Shoulder screws can be used in a variety of applications where accurate rotation or sliding is a necessary component. Shoulder screw applications can include bearings pins, die/punch works, pulley shafts or any shaft for accurate rotary movement. A shoulder bolt comprises of a thick shoulder, precision machined to a high tolerance with only the tip of the screw being threaded.

Shoulder screws can also be referred to as shoulder bolts or stripper bolts. Shoulder screws are generally regarded as being more accurate, reliable and boast a superior running life in comparison to stripper bolts.

Shoulder Screw Manufacture

AccuScrew's precision shoulder screw range are manufactured using a single process. This nullifies the need for any secondary operations such as thread rolling, slot cutting or drive broaching and ensures the shoulder screws are manufactured with the high level of concentricity available on the market. All the precision shoulder screws are manufactured using state of the art Swiss lathes to achieve extremely high shoulder tolerances. Each shoulder screw is then carefully cleaned and packaged for delivery. Additional materials such as Titanium, Brass, Monel and Aluminium are also available on special request.

Shoulder Screw Standard Range

AccuScrews’ standard shoulder screw range comprises of sizes from M2 to M16. These thread sizes relate to a shoulder diameter of 4mm to 16mm. All the components in the shoulder screw range are manufactured from either A2 stainless steel, hardened 416 stainless steel or 12.9 hardened steel. Additional materials, such as zinc plated steel, and coatings, such as chemical black treatments, can be supplied on request. For more information about our special shoulder screw components, please contact our engineering team.

Shoulder Screw International Standards

All the shoulder screws are manufactured in accordance with industry standards. Specifically ISO 7379 (socket shoulder screws) and DIN 923 (slotted shoulder screws). Our high precision machining process allows for a shoulder tolerance of +0.000/-0.025mm and a general tolerance of +/-0.13mm. If you application requires greater tolerances, we’re able to quote for special manufacture on a case by case basis.

Shoulder Screw Quality, Certifications and Material Traceability

Shoulder screws are manufactured from DFARS compliant materials and can be provided with full material certificates on request. Material certificates can be provided free of charge with large quantities and at a small premium for lower quantity orders. All our components, including the shoulder screw range, are RoHS compliant and come as standard with a free certificate of confirmity.